Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Comeau Pass and Gunsight Mountain (GNP, July 29th/2012)

32 km (20 mile) round trip
1,825 m (6,000 ft) elevation gain
11.5 hours return trip!

Here are a few photos from Sunday's GMS climb of Gunsight Mountain.

Baby goats. This is near the staircase at the top of Comeau Pass

The staircase through the cliffs to Sperry Glacier

Trail head sign

GMS group walking accross permanent snowfield to class II/III cliffbands

Nearing cliffbands, a false summit above 

Looking down at snowfields. There were a surprising number of hikers hiking casually about on the snow in shorts, tennis sneakers and the like

Looking down at a lake

Sperry chalet


Edwards Mountain

Looking northeast (accross Floral park is Logan Pass)

Glissading on our butts down the snowpatch

Some people boot skiied

A goat at the top of the pass

Say cheese monsieur goat


You Old Goat!
Going down the staircase, only 15 km (9 miles) back to car now

The group descending the staircase

What a scraggy lookin' goat

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