Monday, August 20, 2007

Nub Peak, Assiniboine Park

Nub Peak (~8950 ft), Assiniboine Provincial Park

July 28th/07

Here are some pix from this past summer's trip to Assiniboine Provincial Park (July 27th-30th/07. We went with some other folks with the Chinook Club from Lethbridge and slept at the Naiset Huts, which were quite reasonable. Only 20 bucks a night!

Some people in our group hiked in over 2-3 days from the Sunshine ski resort in Banff, but we flew in by helicopter from the Shark pad in Kananaskis. The helicopter trip was awesome and only cost us $150 each for the short ride in... we hiked out with one full pack out but shipped one of our packs by helicopter at a cost of two bucks a pound. The hike out was a good 25 kms or so.

The Naiset Huts are located a few minutes away from Assiniboine Lodge, which was great, since there is a 4 o'clock happy hour daily with beer or tea! Happy hour is open to people caming or staying at the huts, not necessarily for patrons of the Lodge.

Nub Peak is a great day hike from the Naiset Cabins. We took a meandering route to the top, which allowed us to view Sunburst and Cerulean Lakes. We left the Naiset Huts and made it up to the summit by lunch time and after lounging around the summit for a good 30 minutes or so, were back at Magog Lake for a swim by 3:30. Perfect timing for 4 o'clock happy hour at the lodge!

The lodge has a spotting scope set up, which allowed us to look up towards the Hind Hut, which is the hut halfway up Mt. Assiniboine. We were able to see a couple of parties making their way accross the glacier towards the summit.

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