Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Mt. Crandell, Bear's hump route. July 3 (2011)

July 3, 2011. Had an alpine start! We awoke at 4:00 AM to feed Nicolas and pack up from the hotel. We got to the Calgary airport at 5:15 AM... After dropping Kristien and Nicolas off, I hustled south to Waterton to meet Ken M. for a GMS outing up Mt. Crandell via the Bear's hump.

Starting at 8:30, we took our time on the way up and descended by Tick Ridge. We had a bottleneck issue on the way up on a class IV ledge when some indecision by yours truly contributed to some unnecessary clinging-on-by-your-finger-nails-whilst-we-figure-this-thing-out but it all turned out ok. Didn't see too many ticks! Made it back down by about 6:30ish. Day 1 of bachelor'ing it... ate Swiss Chalet for supper.

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