Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Calf Robe Mountain (Sept. 14th, 2009). East Glacier area, Glacier National Park

K. and I camped with J. and C. (and little Tristan) at the Two Medicine Lake campground this past Sept. 13th and 14th and did a couple of pretty good hikes.

J and C actually brought Tristan along for a couple of huge hikes in a backpack and were impresively well organized (almost with military precision) to deal with all the various things that babies throw at a guy - poopy diapers, feed-me fits etc. Tristan actually was really good though, aside from not sleeping completely through the night in their tent trailer.

Saturday we hiked up Scenic Point (see previous blog entry) and Sunday we tackled Calf Robe Mountain. Pix follow below.

See route description on trailpeak

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