Sunday, November 13, 2016

A few shots with legacy lenses (Pentax k bayonet mount 50 mm and a Russian made Industar 28 mm pancake lens)

Gotta love the internet.

There is a swath of high quality 'legacy' manual focus lenses that one can buy (with a bit of luck) on the cheap off the internet.

The first few shots are with a 1980's era pentax 50 mm lens. I bought this as a 2 for 1 deal when I bought a telephoto lens a few years ago. I was delighted with the telephoto lens but have generally overlooked the 50 mm pentax (on m43 the effective length becomes 100 mm). For portraits these lenses can give really cool effects, such as a blurred background behind a really sharp foreground subject - probably a function of shooting with low f/stops (apertures).

N. at Henderson Lake

I was drawn to the industar lenses because they are small and can be mounted on micro 4/3's cameras with an adapter. Even with the adapter they are still compact, and even with the focal length doubled because of the crop-effect of the 4/3 technology, you still get something that approaches a point and shoot of old (effective focal length is 56 mm). Here are a few shots.

ACC Halloween hike to Ironstone Fire Lookout

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