Monday, November 30, 2015

Directions to Jensen reservoir ice climbing:

Drive through Magrath -> south on highway 62. (Wind your way through town to the south end of Magrath past the municipal park... at Pothole creek bridge, track your mileage going south for 7.3 km.)

Turn right on Township road 50 dirt road for *1.9* km

Turn left onto the irrigation canal driving bank. Follow the irrigation canal until you arrive at the spillway.

Looking downstream (into the valley), hike on the right side of the spillway to the bottom and follow to the icefall formed by seepage through the outlet gate.

Instead of hiking to the bottom, you can rappel or set top ropes by girth hitching webbing to the steel pipes extending out of the concrete outlet tunnel to the right of the main spillway chute. It will take a short rap down maybe 10 metres to the top shelf then setting up a proper top anchor with screws or V-threads in the ice.

 Click here to see on google earth

Or click here to see C. Goble's  Jensen ice climbing page on the internet wayback machine

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